Thirsty of my running wife cock-2

Thirsty of my running wife cock-2

sex story
sex story

Even after the mother-in-law and wife's fuck in the in-laws, my ongoing wife's pussy's thirst was not taking any name. If I had to find a new cock for him…

Friends, how are you all?

The back of the sex story of my chubby wife

Thirsty of my running wife cock-1

I told you that on the first night of marriage, I saw the color of my wife's pussy. The color of her pussy was quite dark. Seeing her, I suspected that my wife had already been married to some non-men.

Then when I went to my in-laws house, I saw my mother-in-law fucking in front of my eyes. Not only this, my wife's pussy was also being licked under a unknown boy and both of them were enjoying a lot.

Seeing the opportunity, I too took advantage of it and gave my mother-in-law's pussy. Now all three of us were painted in the same color.

Today the second part of this story is presented in front of you. Now read the next story.

I want to share the true story of Chudai with my wife and mother-in-law, Ashish, to tell that this story is not only the story but is still a daily thing with me.

I started watching very sexy videos ever since I made love with Lovely and mother-in-law Sudha. One day I was searching for family sex. Then a one-page sex story opened. When I read the story, I started to feel more fuck.

After that I also read all those stories to my wife and mother-in-law. In this way the three of us became regular readers of the sex stories of conscience. Now my mother-in-law has also joined the creation of this story. According to both of them, I am moving the story forward.

So after having sex with mother-in-law that day, now I used to fuck my wife less. But I used to fear that my wife would never catch an outsider again to calm her pussy fire. So now I started taking medicine and fucking so that I can keep both of them satisfied.

After enjoying sex in the in-laws house, I came home with my wife. Now I used to talk to mother-in-law on the phone. When mother-in-law had an itch in her pussy and she used to ask me to take my cock.

So I used to come to my wife's maternal home by chudai and in this way my mother in law mother's thirst was also quenched.

Now, sensing the fire of my wife's pussy, I thought of making a trusty cock for her so that no one knows about the house outside and my wife's thirst for pussy is also relaxed. My wife Lovely is a very chubby type woman, so it was very important for her to get a fuck of cocks.

For this, I chose my father. I also told Lovely about her planning. My mother was going to my maternal uncle for 10 days because my grandmother was not feeling well. Therefore, this work was to be done easily due to the absence of a mother.

Lovely started saying that if Papa does not come out with such a character then what will happen after that? I said that at first you try and see, then after that you will see what happens. If it is okay, if not, then think of something else. Lovely agreed.

According to the plan, when the mother went to her maternal home, after dinner, I told Lovely to give her father a massage after feeding him.

Lovely did the same.

My wife started massaging my father's feet. She started pressing her feet every day. 3 days passed like this. But the matter could not progress further.

I told Lovely - I will be late tonight. Then you put your hand on father's cock and pretend to sleep. They feel that you are sleepy and your hand is accidentally placed on their cocks. After that, let's see what their reaction is.

Lovely did the same. He pretended to be sleepy while pressing his feet and laid his hands on his father-in-law's cocks and slept. Lovely's eyes were closed and his hand was placed on my father's cock. Here, when Papa's cock started getting pleasure of placing his hands, then his cock was fully tanned.

My wife was lightly watching her father's reaction. Papa's eyes opened with surprise. His cock was full. Father was wondering what to do in this situation. But cocks are cocks. Once tanned, tanned. Seeing the opportunity, Papa also laid his hand on my wife's nipple. But he did not have the courage to move forward.

Then I came and knocked on the door, then Lovely got up and came out.

I asked- Are you done?

He said with a smile - Yes, something is going on.

I did not see how Lovely did it. But her smile was telling that the matter was moving forward.

The next day again I started pretending to be late and said at home that I am going to a friend's house.

That night, while getting a massage, Papa told Lovely that there is a pain under his waist.

Lovely understood that Papa's mind started to drink the juice of his daughter-in-law's youth. That day, Papa was looking at Lovely with great love. Like his body was being caressed in the eyes. Staring at her pussy.

Now Lovely started massaging with oil. Slowly she was touching her father-in-law's cock. While doing this, she started pretending to sleep again. Lovely caught his cock in his sleep. By doing this several times, Dad's cock was erected.

Stimulated by the soft touch of the daughter-in-law's hand, the father could not control his cock and started teasing Lovely's Tits. Now Lovely played another play.

She woke up from sleep and pretended to panic and stood up.
She said, Papa, what are you doing?

Papa said- Daughter, I am ready to do anything for you. Just support me once.

Lovely - no father, this is wrong.

Papa started pleading with his hands folded in front of Lovely.

Lovely quote- Okay, but I have a condition. You will do what I say.

Papa said yes to agreeing to everything for daughter-in-law's pussy. Lovely pussy magic was riding on father.

Now the father had to do nothing. Holding Papa's land, my wife started sucking with her mouth. Papa's face was shining like he had found some treasure. Lovely had started playing his prostitution game.

She took off her sari, took off her panties and sat on the father. He hugged her pussy on Papa's mouth and started rubbing her pussy on Papa's mouth and licking it.

My father's body was very heavy. Lovely looked like a child in front of him. Lovely body was not in front of Papa's giant body.

I had already told Lovely to keep the back door open. So that I too can see the daughter-in-law's live fuck. Lovely kept the back door open and I too was watching my father and my wife's fuck play live with my eyes.

Lovely had a desire to get his father fucking himself. I could see the yearning of taking Papa's cock in her face. I was also enjoying seeing how my father is licking his daughter-in-law's fun.

After licking the pussy of her prostitute daughter-in-law, the father took her down and started licking her pussy. Now Lovely took off all his clothes. In the daughter-in-law's pussy, my father had also forgotten that what would happen if his son came in the middle. What will he answer?

Papa was just engaged in the pleasure of getting new new pussy and was engaged in rubbing his Tits in such a way that apart from fuck, he is not worried about the world.

After that, Dad removed Lovely's bra and panties. Lovely was completely naked now. My father fell on Lovely's white body in such a way that he had never seen a naked woman in her life.

He was kissing my wife's body as if a dog eats a piece of meat. Then they overturned Lovely. Seeing their fun, now my cock was also erected. For half an hour Papa was playing with only her pussy and Tits. Lovely was also enjoying it.

After rubbing pussy and nipples, father kicked out his land. Removing the underwear made the whole lond appear. Land was so fat that I was stunned to see it myself. Lovely smiled upon seeing her father-in-law's pestle land, and grabbed the cocks and inserted them into her pussy.

Papa now put cocks in my wife's pussy and started shaking her. Lovely also got a new cock in her pussy, so there was different happiness on her face too. She also shook her ass and started taking cocks of her own father-in-law in her pussy.
Dad was climbing on my wife and was fucking her pussy. After fucking for a while, Lovely came up and sat on Papa's cock. Now Lovely started jumping on cocks after taking full cocks in her pussy.

By putting cocks in her pussy, she was now pushing herself on cocks. Papa grabbed Lovely's waist and he was also responding to the bumps from below.

Then, filling Lovely in his arms, he started kissing and said - From today I will give you whatever you want. Lovely too became happy on hearing this and started jumping on cocks with speed. Papa also started pushing in full enthusiasm.

Father-in-law's sex was now in full swing. Both of their bodies were wet with sweat and then my father started falling into my wife's pussy while making loud cusses. Lovely might have fallen.

This vigorous fuck of both of them lasted for 20 minutes.

Then I slowly came out. After some time, I came back and knocked.

Opened the door and saw that Lovely's hair was scattered and there was a contented smile on his face.

But it was clearly visible on Papa's face that he was not in a position to show me his eyes.

After that I took Lovely to my room and asked- Did your pussy thirst calm down or not?

She said - Father is very good. My whole body is hurting. His cock is really very powerful. Within 10 minutes, my pussy forced his cock to fall from the force of his bumps.

I said - Okay, now I have to fuck my wife too. I have been suffering for a long time. Seeing the fuck of you daughter-in-law, my cock is hurting for a long time.

Lovely quote- I don't know yet, I am very tired. I do not feel right now

I said - sister-in-law, father's cocks, then forgot his son?

I slam Lovely down and take off my clothes. Then I also pulled her clothes and stripped her naked wife once again. I climbed on her and opened her legs and started to fuck her pussy.

Lovely came with my father's thick cock. That's why her pussy was hurting a lot. But I had to calm my cock too, so I started sucking her pussy very hard. Lovely was fucking innocent. I fell quiet in her pussy.

I told Lovely - now you just keep on craving your father.

She said - fuck for two days and let's go right now. I will then trap them completely in the trap of my pussy.

I said - okay. Do two more days. I know that you yourself are thirsty for their cocks.

She started smiling at my point.

The next day, I did not get out of the house again. I was at home that night.

I told Lovely - how will you meet today?

That quote - just after 11 o'clock.

I said, you are enjoying a lot, man.

She said - Wait a few days, I will fill the whole house with fun.

I said - what will I get in return?

She said- You can see for yourself, fun will be fun. Just you wait.

Then at 11 she went to Papa's room. Dad was awake at that time. I secretly started hiding in the place of tomorrow. Father became very happy after seeing Lovely. As soon as he went, he filled him in his arms and started sucking his lips.

Lovely giggling quote- Hurry father, otherwise he (Ashish) will wake up.

Father started pressing Lovely's Tits without delay.

Then they separated every cloth from my wife's body and stripped it and went naked too. Lying down on her, put her lips on her pussy and started sucking and licking her pussy vigorously.

Lovely also started pressing Papa's mouth on her pussy. Papa Lovely's pussy also started mashing. After that, the father set the cocks in her pussy and started giving her daughter-in-law's pussy.

My wife also started robbing me of the pleasure of fucking with my father's pestle. The two of them had sex for 15-20 minutes and then everything became quiet.

The story will continue in the next part. To give your opinion on the story, please message on the email ID given below. Also tell in the comments on the story how you are enjoying the story. If there have ever been incidents of sex in relationships with you, how did that happen? Tell me in your message.

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