xnxx close brother seduce him to death

xnxx close brother seduce him to death

Got lots of cocks in college life. Cocks were not found after college. My friend suggested her siblings sex. what I have done? Read in the story of siblings fuck.

Friends, my name is Parul. I am 22 years old We have 4 people in my family - Mom and Dad, me and my elder brother Vikrant. Whose age is 24 years.

Now I come to the point of my issue. Today I want to tell you that after the age of 20, whether a boy or a girl, all want sex for physical satisfaction. This siblings' story of sex tells this truth.

Let me tell you about myself before proceeding. My figure is 34 28 36. Boys from my college and village all used to die on me. I have had a lot of fun with boys in my school life too.

After that, after coming to college, I beat 2 boys and had a lot of fun with them too. While watching the movie, I used to press my nipple. The boys are very attracted to the nipple of the young girl and they like to play and press on them.

By getting my boobs suppressed, I got 34 done. All girls want similar boobs.

When my college studies ended, I started living at home. Now I had no one to play with my boobs.


One day I told this to my friend Sapna. He gave me the idea to impress my brother. Sapna started saying that she too has kept her brother and she has a lot of fun with her brother. He has got great cocks in the house itself.

Sapna's words started to excite me. I started making plans to impress my brother. The work was a bit difficult, but not too much that I could not do. I am very sexy to watch so it was easy for me.

It is difficult for any girl to impress her brother because we feel ashamed in brother-sister relationship. Otherwise, boys also want to have sex like we want girls. I was so experienced in my life that I knew the weakness of boys.

Now I wanted cocks. He is also his own brother's cock.

My father owns a shop and my mother stays at home. We are from middle class family. My brother was studying in the third year of college at that time. This is already a year ago.

My and Vikrant's examinations were over. We used to stay at home now. Father used to go to the shop in the morning. Mother used to work in the house.

I was getting bored at home and the memories of the fun I had with the college boys started bothering me. I started thinking about my friend Sapna and her brother's sex relationship. I called Sapna and told her that I also want to beat my brother.

Sapna gave me some tips. I was happy to hear her suggestion. I began to feel that I could also beat my brother. From the next day, I started to follow his words.


Day 1:

As a first lesson, I started wearing skirts or jeans with deep round neck tops. That day when Vikrant was lying on the bed, I reached his room with a broom. She started bowing in front of him.

My plan was also being successful. Vikrant was noticing me. I was also deliberately shaking my cock. After all this, I came out.

Then in the afternoon I needed money. I started going to my brother asking for money and jokingly climbed on his back. I touched my big boobs on his back. He too held me tightly by holding his back. It was happening as Sapna had told.

Second day:

Vikrant was sitting in the drawing room watching TV. I started talking in front of him. As soon as my boobs were seen to him, his cock started getting up in his shorts. I was able to notice all this clearly.

On the same night, we were watching TV and Mummy was cooking in the kitchen. Then suddenly the light went on and it became dark. I got an idea in my mind and I started looking for my mobile.

Taking advantage of the darkness, I hit my hand between my brother's thighs and my hand started going to his cock. He said nothing but to remove me he also hit me hand and teased my boobs. This was the first gesture from him.

day 3:

On the third day I was studying. Then Vikrant said that if you do not understand something, then ask. Then I too saw the opportunity and said that brother, explain the theory.

That day, without lifting the notebook from my lap, he started explaining the theory to me while keeping it on my lap. He was also trying to touch my thigh and pussy in between. I also felt good but was afraid that mother might come somewhere.

He told me the theory and went to another room. I called him again and said- There is one more question.

This time, while explaining the question, Vikrant touched my boob many times. When he was not stopped, he started pressing my boobs. I started feeling good

My brother was having fun pressing my boobs and I was also getting hot. I also did not stop him and he did not stop. Then after some time, there was a call for mother's arrival and both of us separated from each other and became normal.

Now Vikrant was completely trapped in my web.

On the same day again, the mother went to the farm. We brothers and sisters were alone in the house. I went to cook Maggi in the kitchen for myself and Vikrant.

Coming from behind, Vikrant hugged me and started pressing my boobs. I also started enjoying a lot. I also turned back and kissed Vikrant's lips.


And we both started kissing each other. This was my first kiss with my brother. I was enjoying it very much. We both kissed for a long time.

Then he took me to bed. We kiss for a long time. After that Vikrant removed my t-shirt. I stayed in Bra. Vikrant started licking while pressing one of my nipples on top of my bra. My bra started getting wet.

Vikrant started pressing my boobs loudly and I started taking Siskarians - Ahhh… Vikrant someone will come. Just do it… Ahhhh… Ohhh… Wait.

But Vikrant was not stopping.

Then he removed my jeans too. Now I was in black bra and panties. After that she undressed my boobs and started drinking. I started having fun. I started caressing her hair.

After drinking my cock, she removed my panty too. My pussy became naked in front of my brother. I was getting different thrills in front of him naked. He started licking and sucking my pussy.

I yearned. She started thinking about Sapna that she would really enjoy it with her brother! Because I was also having a lot of fun with Vikrant.

We both had fun for a long time but could not get fuck because the mother was afraid of coming.

Could not get a chance to fuck at home. So we both thought of making an excuse for college.

After the college opened, both of us left home saying college work but we had to go somewhere else.

We arrived directly at a hotel. We booked a room there. We reached there at 10 in the morning.

As soon as we reached the room, I jumped into Vikrant's lap. He also caught me. His hands were squeezing my fists. We both got our lips together.

After some time, when the brother was not stopped, he slammed me on the bed. I broke down like a hungry lion. He took off my top and took my boobs in the mouth.

My hand automatically entered Vikrant's pants. My hand was palpating her underwear. I wanted to see his cock. My hand started going to his cock. His cock was very thick and very hard like wood.

After a long time, I got a touch of cocks. After playing with the cocks of college boys, now it was very fun to hold brother's cocks. Vikrant was drinking my pussy. After that Vikrant bare me completely. He started looking at me. I also made him see a lot of his youth.

Vikrant teased my pussy then I shuddered. I started pressing her head down. He understood my gesture and started licking my pussy. I got lost in the fun. Started going crazy

Do not know what these boys enjoy in licking pussy. Vikrant was drinking my pussy like crazy.

With great difficulty, I stopped him and said - My love… Now let my pussy taste the taste of your cock. I can't wait anymore.

Yes, he took the condom out of the bag and gave it to me. I grabbed his cock and started applying condoms. I do not know what happened, I started sucking his cock with his mouth. I felt the taste of cocks a little strange for a second but then started having fun.

Vikrant also started sucking his cock with fun. He must also be feeling how big his sister is. Wants to eat his brother's cock. But I was enjoying sucking cocks a lot.

Within five minutes, Vikrant fell in my mouth. We stayed We both started kissing again. I started trying to make her cocks cum. He also started playing with my pussy and pussy.

After some time, his cock was erect again. He rubbed his cock with a condom. Then by putting the cocks on my pussy hit a blow. In one stroke half the cock went inside. Once the scream came out, but the fun also got amazing.

After a long time, there was a lump in my pussy. I was in heaven. Then Vikrant started driving cocks in my pussy. Siskaria started coming out of my mouth- Ahhh… Ieh… Ahhh… Ooooo… Ohhh… I started fucking my brother with cocks.

While jerking off, the brother had given the whole cock inside. His tremors were now intensifying every moment. I started pressing my pussy. Her own hands started rubbing the nipples. When Vikrant saw it, he squeezed my cunts tightly and my pussy squeezed his cock.

He started sucking my pussy fast and my eyes started closing in fun. I reached the seventh sky after fucking with brother's cock. For 15 minutes, Vikrant choaded my pussy at this speed and then we both fell together.

After that we both went to the bathroom and while romancing there, we once again had bathroom sex and enjoyed the sex of siblings. I once again drank the goods of Vikrant's cocks in the bathroom. He licked my pussy juice. Both of us were very happy to find each other.

Then both of us came home from there. After that day, the sex game started between my brother and me. We both definitely go to the hotel once or twice a week and do chudai. If we get a chance at home too, then we do not miss the opportunity of sex of siblings.

Through this story I have wanted to tell you that the real fun of life is in sex. Whether it is sex with boyfriend or with his own brother. Fucking is real fun.

That day I thanked Sapna. He only told me this way.

Friends, I can write a little less. I am not a writer but had to write to tell my siblings' story. If there is a mistake, ignore it.

If any of you are thinking of sex of siblings, then definitely let me know. I will help you There is nothing wrong in this because it happens only with the consent of both. Anyway, sex is a natural need and it must be fulfilled.

Before finishing my talk, I give some tips while going. So that it is easy for you to impress your brother.

Tip 1- When you go to bathe in the day, go to a time when there is no one in your house except you and your brother. Do not go to the bathroom with a bra and panty and then go inside and get it excused from your brother. When they come to give, leave the door open lightly and show them the sight of your body. This will give him a green signal and his cock will crave for pussy.

Tip 2- Do not wash the used bra and panties after bathing. Place it in the bathroom without washing it in such a way that if anyone touches you will know that they have been teased.

My experience is that boys often play with girls' bra and panties. You should do this for 2-3 days. You will know when he plays with your bra and panty. If he plays with a bra and panty, it means that he also wants to have fun with you.

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