Math teacher became my sex teacher

Math teacher became my sex teacher

On the suggestion of my math teacher, father made up his mind to send me to the teacher's house during the holidays. What lesson my teacher taught me there, read in my story.

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I had read how the greed of sexy books had got my ass killed even if it was half incomplete.

That experience did not recur with that boy Vipin, and there was no question of me taking the initiative again because Vipin continued his promise to take me home to read the books under the agreement and I gave that experience to the agreement. Knowing one part completed it.

As I described earlier, that experience was more a game between two adults than sex. Vipin was probably disheartened by my uncooperative behavior or failure to not enter gender, but still the agreement between us was going on. Apart from this, it could also be that he had found a better alternative.

The time cycle was moving at its own pace, my height had increased to 5.6 feet. The family was worried that my height had increased by only 2 inches in the last 3 years, which was not increasing at a reasonable rate. Now I had entered the second year of Arts College. I was above average in reading but was only 19 from the best students.

My father was worried that despite being talented, I did not participate in the race for best in the exam. I used to refer to the English proverb 'Jack of all, Master of nuns'. I also used to travel by sports, drama, general knowledge, wrestling, cycling with the same seriousness as my education. I was self sufficient in all subjects except mathematics.

One day my father came home from the city and he met the English teacher of our college and praised my father and suggested me to work more on mathematics.

Father made up his mind to meet my math teacher so that he could take any appropriate decision.

I did not like my father taking so much interest in me, it seemed that my aspirations were now being put under the weight of non-expectations and my selfish nature was being controlled.

On coming home, Dad told me that he had met my teacher and I have a proposal. Although no teacher has any doubt about my education or my knowledge, Balwinder ji believes that if I make special efforts for mathematics, then it will be beneficial for me going forward.

That is why my father has decided, since college will be closed for Dussehra holiday and Balwinder ji's wife is going to Maike, I can stay at her house for 7 days and practice maths with proper guidance.

There was a different confusion in my mind that the sports competitions and my sponsored programs of vagabonds at leisure time would all go in vain.

I am fine in studies and soon I easily pass my exams, so what is the need to make a separate effort?

But if my father wished, I could not postpone it even if I wanted to. So I gave my consent.

Finally that day also came when Dad took me in his vehicle and took me to the teacher's residence. His residence was in a small town about 15 km from our village. In the middle of the whole journey, I was seeing the village fields shrinking their place into small slums.

Now mud roads were turning into broken roads. Instead of trees, brick kilns and garbage were turning into houses. More stray animals were seen than domesticated animals. Dad stopped his vehicle in front of an old looking pucca house and asked me to get down with my luggage.

I kept some of my clothes and books in my cloth bag. I picked up my bag and pickle clay pot and started following my father. We stopped in front of a house while passing through a narrow street.

Father knocked Sankal, then a woman opened the door from inside. As soon as I opened the door, I saw a two-wheeler of my teacher in the courtyard. Satisfied in my mind that I have reached at least.

I was also happy from inside thinking that if I do not feel like going back to the village. Not too far, if I go on foot, I will reach you in 3-4 hours.

Started thinking that this place is not too bad to stay for some time. Almost power supply is also fine here. It was not known in this turmoil that when we entered inside and when a glass of water was placed before me. My father and teacher started talking among themselves and I was seated in the upper room and the TV was turned on in front of me.

After some time Dad called my name. When I went down, I saw my father preparing to leave and Guruji's wife and daughter were also ready to go with them, taking some goods.

Father said that he will come after a week and leave me back in the village. They are going now and will leave Guruji's wife and girl on the way to the bus stand.

After saying this, my father said goodbye to me and Guruji, saying, "Brother Balwinder, please rub it well so that it can lead a good life".

When everyone left, Guruji said - Here I am not your teacher but Balwinder. Think of me as your friend, only then whatever you do you will do it well and you will also be able to enjoy it.

I said in response - Mr. Guru.

And then the Guru slapped my buttocks with a loud slap and also a warning - Nandan, not Guruji… Balwinder, understand?

Guruji put a circle on the door and came inside with me. After coming inside, he said - Roop has been cooked and we will make dinner together. Till then both of us become comfortable and try to meet each other like a friend.

We both sat there and the conversation started between us.

Guruji said- Nandan, consider your home and be comfortable. Say when you need something.

While saying, he removed his kurta and started displaying his chest full of white and black colored hair.

He said - if you want, you can also take off. Let's show us what you brought?

Similarly, while talking here and there, Guruji repeatedly interrupted me to call him Balwinder. I forgot about things that I am in Guruji's residence and have come here to practice mathematics.

After some time Guruji took me to a shop in his two-wheeler and bought some items and put them in the bag. We came back home drinking mango juice.

On reaching home, I asked- Balwinder, where should I pass urine?

So he said laughing - do it in my mouth.

I blushed and started uttering urine in the drain in the courtyard without saying anything.

On reaching the back room, Balwinder said - The toilet is at the back and is also up, where you can go and leave urine. I did not answer

Balwinder- Now tell us what is the work, otherwise it is better to waste some time and practice some mathematics.

But it was decided between the two that today's day is spent in relaxation and entertainment and will start practicing mathematics from tomorrow.

I said - Balwinder I do not have much clothes, so I wash my clothes every day and I feel uncomfortable to bathe in the toilet and wash clothes.

Balwinder told me - to put your dirty clothes in that basket and wear them at home is enough.

Saying this, Balwinder gave me a white colored soft undergarment from the cupboard, which I thought was a girl. It turned out that he had given his daughter's tights which was almost the size, but instead of covering my hips, she was tucked in the middle and the front part had folded in the direction of my penis.

It seemed a little unusual in this trunks but soon I got used to it and became completely compatible with it.

When we kept talking, Balwinder said - Now let us give you a little substance.

I said - Balwinder, if it is a liqueur, then excuse me. And if there is beer, I will definitely drink. It is heard that it does not cause harm and foreign people drink it along with food because this substance is healthy.

We both started drinking beer. Only one character was enough for me. I finished it and went to the toilet, one of the advantages of this tights was that without taking off the panties, just take the penis out of the curvature and urinate comfortably.

Had a different experience here. Unlike the village, everything seemed a little mysterious but it was a complete freedom that it was not necessary to go anywhere. Everything is found in closed rooms. I was getting thoughts that Balwinder came from behind.

Coming to my side, he removed his underpants to his knees and started pissing. When I looked at his penis, his penis was in a cluster of black hair and his penis-face was bald and shining.

We did not say anything to each other, but Balwinder started getting soaked and penetrated my penis with the edge of his urine and said - Nandan… will I put punches? Consider whose edge will end first, its kite was cut.

I remembered the games of my child friends and I also started cutting the urinary torrent from his penis with his torrent.

I finally won.

I said- Balwinder needs to clean your penis. This is also weak, you will not be able to win from us.

Having said that, I returned to the room.

After coming to his room, Balwinder gave me one more beer and he himself took a drink of liquor.

Drinking and drinking, Balwinder said - Dude Nandan, do something, you will get bored like this and have to start your education from tomorrow also, after finishing soon we both wash clothes together.

We immediately vacated our vessel and headed to the end of the work.

On reaching near the washing machine, Balwinder took out all the clothes and threw them out and went inside and brought some more clothes. Both of us started getting moderately intoxicated, Balwinder used to pick a cloth and smell it and split it.

He also called me for help and instructed to keep aside the clothes from which the smell of the body is coming. They have to be washed, the rest is folded back and kept in the cupboard!

He started folding the clothes of the cupboard and I started marking. There was a drunkenness in my body because I had to smell not only Balwinder but also his wife Rupinder and daughter Dolly by sniffing clothes and their underwear.

I deliberately sniffed the underwear more and continued to get excited myself. After picking up the smell of Balwinder's tights, I picked up the ropes. Roop Kachchi was not only more attractive than Dolly but was also more intoxicating. There was neither that amount of smell nor drunkenness in Dolly's Kutch.

Although the smell of Dolly was also very small, but very rarely. The lower lingerie of the form not only smelled intoxicating, but the padding in its middle was wet with urine and other sticky substances. Her drunkenness was making me more distracted.

Balwinder said while looking at me - looking and licking, what is it?

I replied - Shit!

Balwinder came and snatched both the kutch from my hand and started licking and said - what is the pooh in it? If you have the ability, can you tell why it is wet? What else is there? And which of these is Roop's and Doli's?

I enthusiastically licked both the Kutchis and said, "What's in it?"

Balwinder started laughing and said, "You have licked the urine of the madman and Dolly, these are the signs of the urine and the sticky substance you licked from the Kutch of the form was my semen."

After listening to his sentence, I was reduced to nothing.

The intoxicating state, smelling underwear and licking urine and licking semen all started revolving in the brain together and that blurred memory, when I licked the white substance that fell on the ground in front of my aunt in my infant state, re-emerged on my brain screen she came.

My condition had now become like that of a prostitute who was already wearing clothes on the naked. Amidst all this, my attention was not on my tights, inside which my penis had come in the shape of its full excited state.

Balwinder sensed my excitement and said - your penis is asking for your help Nandan.

I said - how can I help it, Master?

Balwinder- Nandan, at this time I cannot arrange a hole for this, yes, but I can tell the solution to calm it.

I eagerly looked at Balwinder's face seeking solutions. His penis was fluttering in his underpants. We both were probably getting excited by seeing each other naked and each other's sexes.

Balwinder- Look, now both of us can help each other.

Saying so, Balwinder came so close to me that his hot hot breaths started feeling on my face. His hand touched my penis.

Do not know why without waiting for his next order, my hand rested on the trunk of my teacher and I filled Balwinder's penis with my tender hand.

There was so much hardness in his penis that he seemed like a hot iron tool after coming under complete strictness. Balwinder took my penis in his hand and said while stroking - look Nandan, it needs a hole to calm down.

By hole I mean vaginal hole and anal hole. Sometimes mouth piercing and mouth fucking also become a choice of holes. But right now neither my wife is available nor any other option. Masturbation is the only means visible at this time.

I had knowledge about masturbation, but till now I had not tried this activity with practice. Perhaps today was the day when my penis was beginning to masturbate.

Balwinder picked up a mustard oil bottle and pulled my underpants down. My penis was flapping. Balwinder started massaging my penis by removing the oil on his palm. I started enjoying.

They asked me to do the same experiment with their gender. I also rubbed oil on his penis and started rubbing on his hand. I started to enjoy it too, but if I call it double happiness then it would be a better explanation.

On one hand, Balwinder's hard hands on my penis were giving the pleasure of massage and on the other hand my soft hands on Balwinder's hard penis were creating a new adventure in my body.

When both of us started caressing each other's body, we could not know anything. Balwinder was kissing my neck and pressing my buttocks, so that incident with Vipin Bhaiya was revived.

My mind was also stroking Balwinder's penis to get a bit wrapped up in his hot body. After this massage and the massage lasted for five minutes, my body started to eat like air and felt like all the energy was going to burst out.

The body bent and turned, and peeping out of the fist of Balwinder's hand on my penis, came out of my penis with a strong atom of white fluid and went to the washing machine.

I was jerking my penis all over and jerking my penis and it felt like someone had pulled all the energy out of the body. But the pleasure she got during ejaculation was priceless. I had such an experience for the first time in my life.

Balwinder said - Nandan has settled you. Help me now

After saying this, Balwinder came towards me. He started putting his penis in my anus and rubbing my chest and running back and forth. I felt his penis rubbing under my anus in the thigh valley.

Now this experience was not new to me. I started enjoying this moment and after 2-3 minutes of friction, Balwinder's penis also got ejaculated between my thighs and his semen started flowing down both sides from between my thighs.

After some time both of them became calm. After putting clothes in the washing machine, we both came to the room and lay down wearing similar breeches. Neither Balwinder said anything nor did I try to raise any questions. They both did not know when they fell asleep.

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