* sex story*Chudai story of a honeymoon without marriage

Chudai story of a honeymoon without marriage

 sex story

Read in my honeymoon story, how I befriended a very rich boy. He took me to his hotel. How I spent 5 days and nights with it there.

My friends, my name is Sia. My body is very beautiful, fair complexion and bulky. I have always taken great care of my body.

I have been doing everything to keep my body beautiful and healthy. My body is very attractive that is why everyone is always attracted towards me.

All the boys have always been crazy about me. Many also proposed to me. I too have been in a relationship with many boys till now. I liked and had sex with many of them.

By now I have experienced a lot of sex. I enjoy it very much. Today I am going to tell you one of my many stories which is very memorable.

I am writing my sexy story in Hindi for the first time here.

This is about the time when I was in college. I used to talk to a guy named Vivek who lived in Mumbai. We used to talk to each other for a long time.

We met for the first time when he came to my relatives' house in my neighborhood. Earlier we did not come very close to each other.

My neighbor's friend who seemed to be her sister, we met and we became friends. Then we started walking together, talking and we became closer.

Since then, we also started talking on the phone.

He was a little older than me but we had no problem. When we met, I was in the twelfth and her studies were about to end. He was about to take his hotel and restaurant business forward.

A few days later he went back. Then we just started talking on the phone.

One day while talking, he asked me to meet him. We had not met for a long time.

I asked him to come to me.

So he said that he will not come but I should come to him.

He had finished his studies and now he was in business.

So I went to meet her.

My parents did not stop me from doing anything. But still, to his satisfaction, I told him that I am going on a college trip.
And told my friends to take care of them all.

Then I went to Vivek. He came to pick me up at the airport. We hugged each other as soon as we saw each other.
He took me to one of his hotels and gave me a wonderful room to stay.

He told that this is the most luxurious room in all his hotels. He has decorated this special for me.
The room was very beautiful and there were many gifts that he had brought for me.

She specially gave me a western short dress. Then he stuffed me in his arms and we started kissing.

While kissing, he picked me up and took me to bed.

We held each other. For a long time we clung and played with each other with tongues and lips.

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After kissing for a long time, he asked me to rest and said that in the evening I should be ready in his given dress.
Then I had some lunch and rest for a while.

In the evening I got ready wearing the same dress.

Vivek came in a while. He just kept looking at me.

I asked him what happened?
So he started praising me.

Then he gave me flowers, I took flowers. Then he took me with him to the terrace.
I could not understand why he was taking me to the terrace.

But I went there and saw that Vivek had done a lot of preparation there. I was very surprised to see all this and very happy too.

The view from there was very beautiful.

We had dinner There was a lot of romantic music playing on which we danced together.

Then he gave me a drink and we started looking and enjoying the time.

After some time, he suddenly lifted me in his arms and took him to the other side of the terrace.
There he made more preparations. I understood everything on seeing it.

There was a big bed and very beautiful decoration.
I felt as if my honeymoon story would be written today!

He took me to bed and started kissing me. He seemed excited. He slowly started kissing my whole body.

He started removing my clothes while kissing me. Then he started sucking my boob. Seeing my boob, he had gone mad. He sometimes rubbed my boob, sometimes kissed and pressed it hard.

I was enjoying it a lot. Like I was having my honeymoon. I was supporting her.
In excitement, I broke all the buttons on his shirt and removed the shirt.

Then she took off all my clothes except for panties!
And he slowly grew down kissing and licking my body.

He started licking my belly and navel. These were driving me crazy. He reached my feet through my thighs and started sucking the fingers of my feet.

Then he started caressing my thighs and then opened my legs and kissed me around my pussy and started licking my pussy from the top of panties.

My panties were already wet.

Then he also removed my panties and started fingering my pussy. Then he filled my pussy in his mouth and started licking it.

He started licking my pussy from inside with his tongue.

Then he put one of his fingers in my pussy and started inside and out.

I had lost my temper. I was in full bloom. Siskaris and sighs were coming out of my mouth. I grabbed her head with my claw in my pussy.

In a short time, water fell from my pussy and I became cold.

There was no strength in my body.

But Vivek's enthusiasm did not go anywhere. He was still kissing my body.

He turned me upside down and started kissing my body from behind. And then started licking my Gand.

I kept kissing my whole body and boob for a while. And then clutched me in the arms and started kissing my lips.

Slowly, my passion also began to wane and I also started kissing her.

Now it was my turn. I rolled her down and climbed on top of her and started kissing her. Then kissing her body, I went down and took off her pants. The bulge of cocks inside her underwear was making me intoxicated.

I started cutting and licking his cock from above.

His cock seemed very strong to me.

Then I removed his underwear, then his cock stood up to salute me. Till that time I had not seen such a good cock. I fell in love with that cock. I started sucking him, his test was also very good.

I was sucking his cocks and balls and he was filling Siskaria.

Then he got excited and started fucking my mouth like a pussy. He grabbed my head with his hands and started pushing his cock in my mouth. His cock was going inside my throat.

After doing this for a while, he left his water in my mouth.

Then we lay for a while and kissed.

In a short while, his cock again became erect. I understood that now my pussy is not good.

He got up He opened my legs. Then I started fingering my pussy.

Then he woke me up and did a kiss. And immediately I put my cock in my mouth and started inside. In this way he wet his cock from my mouth.

Then she pulled my legs and spit on my pussy. Then hit the cocks with great force and put almost half of your cocks inside.

My condition worsened due to this sudden and strong attack. A loud scream came out of my mouth.

He gripped me completely and captured my lips with his lips.

Till now I had not emerged from the first blow. He then put his entire cock inside me with a loud jerk.

I was helpless in his arms and could not do anything without wishing.

His big cock went inside my pussy. I was suffering from pain but could not do anything.

My scream too was buried under his lips.

I had never grown so big before that.

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Then he slowly started coming out of the cocks slowly, then my life started coming to life.

But as soon as he removed the cocks, he again put his cock in full force.

Now my condition became worse. Tears came from my eyes.

He did this again three or four times. Then I started feeling good. Now I also started supporting her.

Slowly he loosened his grip and started fucking me fast. That bed was also helping in our fuck due to its bounce. His cock was going deep inside my pussy as much as no one had reached inside before.

I fell into it. But he was still engaged.

Then lying down on him, I sat on top of him and rode. After that, he made me a mare to fuck me.

Then he rolled me upside down and put a pillow under me. He raised my ass and started fucking my pussy from behind.

I was stuck between that bed and Vivek's cocks. Vivek was ripping my pussy with full force. And the bounce of the bed that was pushing me back towards the cocks.

In this way, I fell down many times and that too in me.

We fuck many times throughout the night. He spanked me in different positions.

We do not know when the eye of honeymoon got caught.

The twinkling light of the morning sun opened my eyes. The day had come. We were sleeping without clothes on the open terrace. But due to the high building, no one was afraid to see.

Vivek slept on me and his cock was still very strict. The head of his cock was still in my pussy.

How did I raise it? He started kissing me too and started cocks in and out lightly.

After some ten-fifteen minutes, he took me in his arms and took me to the room.

After an overnight fuck my body was aching.

Then we bathed together and slept for some time after eating and drinking.

I stayed there for five days and during this honeymoon without marriage, we had a lot of sex.

Also he made me roam the whole city. We had a night party, went to clubs and bars, and had a lot of fun.

This is one of my memorable moments.

Even before I returned on the last day, we kept kissing each other with the door of the room and kissed for a long time.

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